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The Buyer's Program is very successful!  It is well known in the VA area with past clients and other real estate agents alike.   

If you have enough income to purchase a home- but have other obstacles in your way- such as a low credit score, tax liens, past foreclosure(s), collection accounts, judgments, repossessions, late payments in the past, or something else- our Buyer's Program may be able to help.  We create a loan application and create a file for you - we identify your strengths and weaknesses within the application - and will put together a plan to help you prepare for home ownership within 3-6 months in most cases.

Once identifying the weaknesses- we will use state of the art lending tools and databases to help you realign the credit to meet mortgage industry standards.  We offer a service where you have the opportunity to link your computer with our preferred lender Concierge Mortgage Finance, LLCand watch the experts raise your credit score swiftly-right on the screen and provide you with a detailed plan to reach your goals.  No need for credit repair in most cases.


If you are sure that you want to own a home in the near future -but unsure how to accomplish that- call Bill at (703) 772-7630


Or call Berna at: (540)809-7548 to discuss the buyer's program today.


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