Rent-To-Own Opportunities

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We are happy to include the Rent-To-Own Option in our Programs!   Yes, they have been a part of our programs for a while.  But now, we have teamed up with another company to broaden the opportunities for our clients.   This means more homes offering this unique opportunity - and easier to qualify.


If you cannot quite qualify to buy now- and do not want to move from one home to another renting- while you work to obtain pre-approval for a home loan - consider the rent-to-own option!  To start the process, please give Bill a call or Click Here -Input Your information for review and consideration for a home loan.  We use this application to see how our programs can best help you....  many people think that they cannot qualify for a mortgage---so they are tempted to keep renting or look at rent-to-own options.    If you complete the application link, we will look at your information and determine if there is a loan program that you might qualify for.  If not, we will look at the same information in terms of qualifying for rent-to-own.  If neither appear to be an option, we will look at what rental options there are while we work with you to prepare for a future mortgage.

We are growing and partnering with Concierge Mortgage Finance, LLC to offer the best Home Buying Programs around....  if you cannot qualify today- Once Enrolled into the program, our team will use our experience, computer software/programs, and underwriting systems to help you prepare for a future purchase.


Feel free to call or text with any questions you might have to Bill (703) 772-7630.



The Petry Team