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Join A Successful Team and Succeed!

Welcome to The Petry Team!  Whether you are a brand new real estate agent or an agent looking to grow your business- we would like to help.  

For more than 22 years (30 combined), Bill and I have worked hard to establish connections to GREAT AGENTS with people skills, a commitment to excellence and a determination to succeed.  Our goal is to work hand in hand with the agents to grow their success and add to ours with unsurpassed teamwork! 

We have established connections to the best lending institutions in the local area, dedicated home inspectors who are honest and a great asset to each client, title companies who go above and beyond to help a transaction to close on time, and other individuals who assist in many ways to solve the various problems we all face in the day to day processes of a real estate transaction.

We are looking to grow our team- we only need a few good agents.  The very first question you might ask is- what's it going to cost me?  In a world where becoming part of a team generally costs a percentage of your commission- that is a very valid question.  The average team member pays 25-50% of their commissions to be a part of a team - and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a successful team.  However, to be a part of The Petry Team you can  keep all of your commission.  Bill and I have been agents for many years and have built a career based on team work and networking.  If every team member does their part- the team as a whole is profitable- and continuously growing their business within the business of real estate.

What makes us different?  Every successful team needs to have a specialty- something they can do that few others can do as well.  The Petry Team combines the knowledge of Real Estate, and the difficulties buyer's can face, with the solutions found in lending and the tools that they can offer a client to prepare them for a future purchase.  Rarely is a person ready to buy a home when you first meet them- perhaps they have some obstacles to overcome?  We have systems and tools that we can use to show your client a solution to their specific obstacles.  We can meet with them one-on-one and discuss their situation or we can link computers to show them visually what it would take to prepare for a purchase using online tools and systems.  What this means is that you should always have a pipeline of committed buyers looking to close on their new home within the next 3-6 months.  Follow up is a very big part of being part of the team.  We will help you to organize your committed buyers and follow up with them along the way- until they are ready to purchase.

Obtaining your Real Estate License is a GREAT first step....  growing your business into a success takes teamwork, knowledge, experience and connections to others in the industry.  

Let us help you to become a success while providing the BEST customer service to your clients...  it's a win-win for all involved.  

Ask us how!  How do you reach us?  Email Berna at: or Bill at: .  You can also call or text us at (540)809-7548 Berna or (703)772-7630 Bill.


NOTE:  Perhaps you are already a successful real estate agent and not looking to become part of a team?  That is okay, too...  We can still help you to succeed by utilizing the systems and tools available through Concierge Mortgage Finance, LLC (CMF).  What can CMF do for you?  We can help you convert a client who is not currently qualifiable to ultimately a qualified buyer within 3-6 months.  How?  By utilizing state of the art lending systems that can be provide detailed reports and suggestions to your client for a future purchase in the short term.  Let us show you how...  we can schedule an online conference, a phone conference, or an in person meeting.  Soon, we will be offering seminars to agents who want to learn more about growing their SUCCESSFUL business and connections within the real estate industry.

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Join a Successful Team and Succeed!