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***If You Think Buying A Home Is Not Possible For You, Read Some Of Our Success Stories Below***



Nov 2023- Congratulations to the Dudley Family for Successfully Moving into A Rent-To-Own Property!!!!  The Buyer's Program will Walk you through the steps to finalizing the transaction in no time at all!  Beautiful Home!  Enjoy!


Jan 2022 - No need to unpack!  You set the goal to buy the home you have been renting for six years - and you made it!  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2011,  Auto late payments, credit card late payments, student loan of $81,000 +/- past due, and other collections post bankruptcy didn't stop you.  In less than a year of working under the guidance of our team and our preferred lenders- your dream comes true!  The keys you have been carrying with you for your rental property at $1600 a month - are now the same keys that are yours to keep!  528 score to start and a 633 score to finish - welcome to your very own home!   No more renting!  (PAL)


Dec 2021- The long awaited closing is tomorrow!  $465k sales price and a gorgeous home!  Foreclosure in 2015, Credit Scores in the 400s when we met - and miscellaneous collections didn't stop you from buying the home of your dreams! An added bonus is the grant program that has given you the $16,275 needed for down payment - no penalty or repayment needed - an added bonus! Looking forward to giving you the keys!  You have earned it! (TH)


Dec 2021- Excited for this family!  Cleared to Close today and moving in Wednesday!   A 510 score in April, a pandemic, and  a $93,000 student loan in collections didn't stop them!  Working with our preferred lenders and The Petry Team increased their score to 684 and they are getting the keys to their new home in 2 more days! (UH)


Nov 2021- In November 2018- this client was wanting to buy a home with no credit score - no score at all.  By realigning the credit and adding a couple of existing accounts to the report, the closed on their first home within 90 days.


Sept 2021- Purchased a Home - It's almost August and many families are getting the keys to their new home this week!  Yay!!!  We are so very proud of all of them - as they set a goal to own a home - and with some guidance through our PROGRAMS and preferred lenders - they have succeeded!  Three new families gaining keys this week to their new home.  A chapter 13 bankruptcy did not prevent two of those families from owning while still paying the payments within the Chapter 13.  The other family is in a pending foreclosure - but was able to buy anyway using their spouses VA eligibility.  Give us a call - it's worth a conversation to see what options you may have!


***NOTE***  To purchase a home or to raise your score, that doesn't instantly mean that you need to pay or correct every negative item on your credit report.  Did you know there are loan programs available that will allow for many things to remain open and unpaid?  Collections? Perhaps you could buy anyway?  Judgments?  Perhaps they can remain unpaid?  Bankruptcy?  Not the end of the world- just need to restructure and you can buy within 2-3 years and sometimes within 12 months...  let's see what the lender thinks of your situation?  Click here to Find Out What Options We Can Offer You......


Aug 2021- Purchased a Home - Rental application accepted on a $1800 rental despite less than perfect credit.  Scores below 600 - and owns a home out of state with several mortgage lates reporting.  Difficult credit doesn't have to stop you from living your life ....  (VH)


June 2021- Purchased a Home - Another active Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - still making payments - but pre qualified to $400,000+/-.  Looking forward to their new home in the next few weeks.....  Bankruptcy does not need to stop you from owning a home...  Ask us how!  (QB)


From The Petry Team - Relationships are formed as The Petry Team and clients work together to overcome obstacles that have prevented the cleints from buying a home.  We aren't just looking for the 'next sale' - we are looking to help families buy the home of their dreams despite the difficult path they may have had to walk in life.  We are looking for life long relationships to be formed ~Foreclosure, short sale, repossessions, collections, judgments, tax liens, late payments, medical collections, other~ let's take a look!  Call or Email Today at (540) 809-7548 or  Texting to (540) 809-7548 is a GREAT way to reach us too!


Feb 2021- Purchased a Home- Another pre-approval has been granted and another family are out shopping out homes today!  $400,000+/- pre approval and keys to their new home within 45 days!  Yay!  Scores starting at 518 and 515 ending at 580 and 615.  Tax liens, credit card collections, late payments, student loan collections, accounts in dispute, auto repossession, high DTI, medical collections, did not stop this client from gaining pre approval within 90-120 of our first meeting!  The buyer's program works - thanks to the experience of our preferred lenders and the teamwork from all!  Looking forward to giving them their new keys! (TG and MR)


Note from The Petry Team:  There is absolutely nothing that should stop you from owning your own home!  If you have enough income and have been employed for atleast 2+ years - past credit problems should not be a stumbling block!  Sometimes what you think may be a problem - turns out not to be a problem at all.... Would you like to find out?  Call, Text, or Email Today! (540) 809-7548


Jan 2021- Purchased a Home - Disabled Veteran just received a Clear to Close and will be signing the final documents later this week!!  Low credit scores and three judgments totaling $4,000+/- didn't stop him from buying the home of his dreams!  The home appraised for almost $15,000 more than he paid for it - what a bonus!  (WCSC)


Oct 2020- Purchased a Home - Pre-approval granted today!!!  We begin looking at homes this weekend!  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filed 2014.  Active bankruptcy still in effect- currently making payments to creditors.  Tax liens, child support, and collection accounts - but shopping starts Saturday!  Stay tuned!  (TS)


Oct 2020- Purchased a Home - Store manager started working with our team in Feb after a failed attempt to buy a home elsewhere that cost her thousands of $$ in lost deposits.  562 score to start - with current late payments on revolving debt - closes within 90 days of working with our team and preferred lenders. We absolutely love taking a negative situation and turning it positive ...  DREAMS actually do come true.....  Purchased a $339,000 home just down the street from her family.  (TC)


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Oct 2020- Purchased a Home - Retired Disabled Veteran - with under 600 Score will be moving into their new home this month!!!  So excited for this family.  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 2016, Collections unpaid, Recent Insufficient Funds, - purchased a home with zero $$$ out-of-pocket- except for home inspection of $350.  $350,000 +/-Sales Price.  If you have problems - we are problem solvers!  (DC)


Sept 2020- Purchased a Home - 100% Financing - No money down loan for $240,000!  Worked in the buyer's program for six months.  $7600 in collections unpaid, $12,000 +/- in unpaid judgments deleted - 558 credit score to start.  Success stories are happening every week with The Petry Team! (BJ)


Sept 2020- Purchased a Home- Successful Story of a Successful Business Owner!  Owns a local business that is very successful - 513 credit score to start - unpaid collections totaling approx $21,000, tax liens, medical collections, high debt to income ratios.  We helped them secure a rental home for 12 months and worked to realign the credit and income situations to meet mortgage industry guidelines.  Purchasing a $449,000 home this month following their 12 month lease expiring...  Success is Sweet!   (TNDT)


Aug 2020- Purchased a Home- Another successful story!  Sixty days from our first meeting to move-in!  523 score to start, 3 unpaid judgments, miscellaneous collections, no money down - purchased a home for $249,000 as a rent to own....settlement May 2017.   (WC)


July 2020- Purchased a Home- Complicated but successful!  559 Credit Score, Tax lien unpaid, 60 day late payments in 2016, student loan debt, past foreclosure, $21,000 in collections unpaid, multiple unpaid judgments of $23,000+/-, currently paying and receiving child support - began working with our team in Aug 2016 - they moved into the home before closing in March 2017 and settled on their $620,000 home in May 2017.  Six months from our first meeting to contract phase....  hurray!  (TN)


July 2020- Purchased a Home - Complications and Difficult files are our specialty and this one is no exception!  Student loan in default, Chapter 13 bankruptcy filed but not completed (in progress), $20,000 +/- in collections, $19,000 in unpaid tax liens, $9,000 in judgments.  This one took a little bit to finish - but less than six months from start to finish.  They purchased a $330,000 home and are enjoying life! (CP)


June 2020- Purchased a Home - Successful transaction!  Purchased a home with our team previously approx. 2 years ago.  They wanted to upgrade due to an increase in the size of their family.  $10,200 in judgments pending, $2,300 in unpaid collections, previous child support in arrears.  We sold them a new home and rented the old one out successfully within 90 days!  They purchased a $4500+ sq ft home for $400,000+/- and are another success story! (KT)


June 2020 -Purchased a Home - Another success story!  Client entered into a contract to have a home built prior to meeting our team.  Financing was turned down by another lender / team.  We picked up the file and sold them a different home within 90 days.  Previous foreclosure, unpaid judgment, open and unpaid collections.  No money down loan.  (DL)



May 2020 -Actively in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy - 580+/- credit scores - purchased their home and stopped renting with trustee approval this month!  Another success story for one of our clients!  (Coo***)

May 2020 - Low 400(s) credit scores, recent repossession with a balance owed of $5,000+/-, medical collections, cell phone bill collections, and other miscellaneous credit problems!  She is buying a home with all accounts unpaid - but currently has a 636 credit score after working in the buyer's program for less than six months!   (War***)


May 2020- Unbelievable!  599 credit score and owns a home that he defaulted on in December 2018.  He is able to sell his current home and move into his $500,000+/- dream home without missing a beat!  Mortgage lates in the past due not need to keep you from buying again.  (Vir***)


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May 2020- Rent-to-own success!  This happy client stopped renting and made an investment into a rent to own property!   509 and 533 score to start - waiting on closing!  Scores are climbing in the buyers program to 543 and 570.  Bankruptcy in 2012, Automobile late payments in 2018, unpaid collection accounts and other credit problems did not stop them from reaching for their dreams!   Settlement pending!   (Lan***)


May 2020- Credit scores of 491 and 547 did not stop this couple from buying their own home.  Rent to own contract in January for a $450,000+/- home to a successful closing in May 2020!  Low scores, $38,000+/- in unpaid collection accounts, currently owning other homes and a mortgage late as recent as 2017 -and they still get to buy another home!  Home ownership is not impossible - nor do you need perfect credit- Ask us how!  (Chi***)


May 2020 - Sold a home to a family two years ago with low credit scores.  The home went to foreclosure in 2019 - picked up where we left off and sold them another one 45 days from that foreclosure date.  No need to rent - they could buy again using their VA entitlement.  (Cog***)  Buyer program start to finish less than 45 days!


May 2020 -  Built the home of their dreams and moving in soon!  Judgments, tax liens, several late payments in 2018 and 2017, Bankruptcy in 2011, Medical Collections and Credit Card Collections Unpaid, Education Loans, Multiple Car Payments - Buying A Home Utilizing no money down with VA entitlement.  (Irv***)  Buyer program start to finish less than 30 days plus construction time!


May 2020- Bankruptcy in 2012, foreclosure, and $75,000+/- in credit card collection accounts - and this family of 5 is looking forward to moving into their brand new home soon! (val***)


Dec 2019 - Bankruptcy in 2017 - Purchased their brand newly construction home after working with our team to increase the credit score from the low 500s to the 600s.  3.875 interest rate no money down!  (Joh***)  Buyers program start to finish 2 years and one day - due to bankruptcy timelines)


Nov 2019 - Currently in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy making payments to a trustee purchase a home with no money down!  Credit score 591 for one buyer and no score for the other.  Bankruptcy filed 2015, repossession, medical collections, and late payment in 2018 - but they still qualified and received the keys to their new home!  (Van***)  Buyer Program Success story - 90 days from beginning to end/keys!


Oct 2019- Another home sold - 2 prior rental evictions - collection accounts unpaid - 582 credit score - and qualified for a grant program with no money down.  Past rental problems did not prevent this buyer from owning a home with little money out of pocket! (rey***) Buyer program more than 11 years!  We don't give up and keep helping you for as long as you need it / want it!


Sept 2019- Success comes in many forms!  Helped this family rent a couple of homes of the course of about 8 years!  We worked to build their credit off and on during those years.  When they were finally ready to buy their forever home on one level - we found just the right home to be built.  The home was built and in the end, the buyer got over $36k taken off the price due to our negotiations!  All of their closing costs were paid by the lender we referred the client to (over $10k) and her rate was well below the expected rate due to a shift in the market and the loan officer working on the file! We are connected to the best lenders who help us save our client's money too!  (Car***)  Start to finish in the buyer program was over 8 years!  We are in it to win it - and don't quit trying to help you own a home until you do! 


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May 2019- $250,000+/- in student loan debt to be repaid, collections, and lower credit scores did not stop this client from buying her brand new home!  (Mcc***)

Feb 2019 - Country living was the goal - and that's what they got!  575 score, 2 car repossessions totaling over $18,000 in balances unpaid, 8 medical collections unpaid - under contract within 30 days and moving in shortly after.  (Mul***)  


Jan 2019 - Another happy client!  Sold their home and received over $60k - and purchased another one the next day with scores in the 500s.  Student loan in default over $30k - settled and in good standing.  Tax liens, child support, collection accounts, and other issues did not stop this client from owning a home.  (Fra***)  Buyer's program 90 days from start to finish - to sell one home, buy another and correct credit issues!


June 2018- Purchased a Home- After 4 months in the buyers program - and raising the score from 568 to 615 - another client will be looking at homes this week up to $285,000.  Medical collections, late payments in 2016, and late payments on a mortgage that they only co-signed for didn't stop them.  No credit problem is too big or too small for the buyer's program - with the right team working for you...  (Spu**)



May 2018- Purchased a Home - Pre-approval was just given to one of our clients!!  Excitement is in the air...  Scores started in Feb 2017 at 487, 512, and 522.  Today after much work and dedication from the lender, our team and the committed client - their scores are 576, 601, and 603.  They have overcome many obstacles to include:  Chapter 13 Bankruptcy dismissed, open/unpaid collection accounts, high balance credit cards, child support in arrears, tax liens, recent late payments, wage garnishments, and more.  They will be out looking at homes this week up to $400,000!  Congratulations!  (Cham*)


***After nearly 30 years in the business - what makes us successful is the fact that we have a true desire to help those who need it - that desire drives us problem solve, and to find the resources /lenders who can help us make homeownership a reality for as many as possible*** 


Apr 2018- Purchased a Home - Met with the sweetest family about 90 days ago - Veteran with low scores, collection accounts, and payday loans - purchased the home of their dreams to include a POOL!  The keys are waiting - the loan is in final stages and CLEAR TO CLOSE - will be the next words they hear!  Less than 90 days from START to KEYS!   (JBCB)


Apr 2018- Purchased a Home - First Time Homebuyers closed this month on their very first home!  The payment is less than they were paying in rent - and the advantages of homeownership are theirs to keep!  No money down....  SWEET!


Mar 2018- Purchased a Home - Veteran who owned a home before - but purchased during the height of the market and sold their home via short sale 2 years ago is buying again!  Keys in hand and it's moving day - but settlement later this month.  Nothing like getting to enjoy your home early!  (TB)


Mar 2018- Purchased a Home- Closing today after renting-to-own their home for six months!  They already have the keys - but today their names are being added to the deed!  Excitement in this office for sure!  Low credit scores and collection accounts didn't stop their dream from becoming a reality.  (JCCH)


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Mar 2018- Purchased a Home - One of the best words we can share with a client is "Pre-Approved"!  The kids are back to school - but 5 new families have already begun planning to buy their new home this week.  Low credit scores, bankruptcy, repossessions, late payments, and other problems have not prevented them from working with our team and preferred lenders to purchase a home.....  ASK US HOW.....


Mar 2018- Purchased a Home - Sold a home to a family in 2014 following troubled credit.  In 2017 - the buyer passed away...  we are helping the family walk thru the process of selling the home.  Cutting fees and commissions to help the heirs avoid bringing money to closing....  we stand behind our clients! We strive to create life long relationships with our clients - rather than just make a quick sale.  (TV)


Feb 2018- Purchased a Home - Low credit scores, foreclosure, and collection accounts didn't stop our client(s) from buying a home in a lake community!  A six month rent-to-own process - working with our team and lenders - has given them a 'second chance' at home ownership.  So happy for them! (CH)

Feb 2018- Purchased a Home - A family of 7 gets to  move into their new home this month - while they wait to finalize the purchase in September.  A short sale 2 years ago has not stopped them from owning a home again.  Our preferred lenders and team have helped them realign their credit to meet the mortgage industry standards - and now they reap the reward of their effort by moving into the 5 bedroom 4.5 bathroom home on 1+ acres....  I love helping families realize their dream of home ownership - AGAIN!


Feb 2018- Purchased a Home - Veteran who lost their home two years ago - and moved into a rent-to-own home soon after, with the help of our team - is closing today and buying their home after working with our team and preferred lenders to restore their credit...  two long years have passed and it has been a journey - but today they are signing papers to own a home again!  It has been alot of hardwork - but it's paying off!  Congratulations! (KD)


Jan 2018- Purchased a Home - A family came to us wanting to buy a home with average credit scores and very little money in their pocket to buy a home.  They had been working with another agent and lender only to have their hopes dashed - at the last minute - by the loan being rejected.  Our team and preferred lender was able to pick the file up and get them approved for the home of their dreams - with NO MONEY DOWN.  Today they are moving into their new home with less than $500 out of their pocket.  (DC)


Jan 2018- Purchased a Home - Pre-approval granted today for a $225,000 loan!!!   Brand new construction to begin very soon in Ruther Glen - contract being negotiated!  This family started working with our team and preferred lenders only 5 months ago with a 498 score.  Today, their score is just under 600 - and a brand new home will be theirs in no time!!!  Call us!  (MRKG)



 (NOTE:  We thought it might be helpful for others to read about our success stories...  Our programs are very successful - whether you are looking to rent, buy, or rent to own.... we are updating this page on a regular basis - please check back with us to stay up-to-date.....)











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