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Many things may have brought you to our website, and we are glad you are here.


Perhaps you have been rejected by another lender- and want a second opinion?

Perhaps this is your first time buying a home and you need a little direction and explanation in the home buying process?

Perhaps you have tried to rent a home- and your rental application has been rejected- causing you to look at other housing options?

Perhaps you don't have the credit history you want- and you are trying to buy a home without perfect credit?

Perhaps you don't have any credit history at all?  Trying to qualify for a mortgage without any history can be a challenge- but it is not impossible.

Perhaps you just need a little time and explanation as to what your options are in the buying process?


***We have more than 31 years invested in helping those who want to own a home to overcome various obstacles that might prevent them from buying a home elsewhere. If you fall into one of the groups above- you are in the right place.***


Not all companies are equal- that is the first thing I would tell you.  You can talk to multiple mortgage companies and get multiple answers to your questions.  Why is that?  Because of what they call "lender overlays".  All lenders must follow basic guidelines- the guidelines are the same.  However, the guidelines and minimal requirements are sometimes not enough for a lender to feel comfortable in offering a loan.  So, they have the ability to add requirements as long as the minimum is met.  Therefore, you might get multiple answers to your questions.  Generally speaking, the lenders we often work with do not have lender overlays- they utilize the basic requirements set forth by VA, FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac when considering an application.  Because of this - loan pre-approval is often easier.


How do you start the process?  You simply click this link and input your information.  Once received, we will contact you to go over the information your supplied and discuss options.  If an immediate pre-approval is not possible- we can help you develop A PLAN to get to home ownership.  The plan will normally take 3-6 months- but in some cases 12-24 months.  No matter how long the plan- if you are willing- we will guide you through the process one step at a time.


If you have any questions- feel free to email Berna at Berna@CMFHomeloans.com (NMLS #1725229) or call/text her at (540)809-7548.


Obstacles such as credit history should not prevent anyone from owning a home .... ask us how.




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