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Bill and Berna Petry

The Petry Team
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 ***Nothing says more about a team than the recommendations of those clients that they have helped in the past...  Scroll toward the bottom of this page to read what our clients think of us.........***


  Affected by Foreclosure? Short Sale? Tax liens? Judgements? Bankruptcy? Collection Accounts?  Less Than Perfect Credit?  


Our Programs are designed for those with less than perfect credit.  For more than 15 years we have been assisting those with less than perfect credit to find housing.  We have three preferred lenders in the local area who assist our clients in realigning their credit to meet the mortgage industry requirements.  How?  By evaluating each individual and circumstance and creating a plan to get you from where you are now – to home ownership.  The average time to realign the credit and qualify is 0-6 months. 

To talk to one of our team members ASAP - please call or text one of the following numbers:  (540) 809-7548 or (703) 772-7630 or to get a package and more information - answer the following questions in an email and one of our team members will respond ASAP: 

1. What is your name?

2. What is your phone number?

3. What is the best way to reach you? Best time to reach you?

4. Where do you want to live?

5. Do you want to rent, rent-to-own or buy? What is your goal?

6. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

7. What price range are you looking in? Monthly rent amount? Monthly mortgage amount?

8. What is your total household income prior to taxes?
9. Are you currently renting? If so, How long?  How much is the rent? 
10. Are you eligible for a VA loan? 
11. Do you have monies set aside for deposits and such? 
12. Do you have any pets?  If so, how many and what kind?
13. What is your target date for moving? 
14. How would you describe your credit score?   Do you know what the score is? 
15. Have you filed for bankruptcy within the past three years?   If so, when was it discharged? 
16. Have you experienced a foreclosure within the past three years?  When was it foreclosed?   What is the property address?  
17. Do you have good rental history for the past twelve months? 
18. Are you currently being evicted? 
19. Have you been evicted or had an unlawful detainer filed against you in the last three years? 
20. What other information do you consider important when considering your information?

Need to move now – but cannot qualify to buy?  We have several homes available that may offer the rent-to-own option.  To view a list of these homes in Fairfax County, Prince William County, Stafford County and Spotsylvania County, please email and request a current list.   

 Bill and Berna Petry

"The Petry Team"

Samson Properties
1440 Central Park Blvd, #210
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 809-7548 (Cell) or (703) 772-7630 (Email)

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"Berna and Bill are the not only the greatest real estate team, they are amazing wonderful people to. I have never felt so cared about in the world of customer relations, they truly work hard to help you into your new home. We started in the 500's of a credit score, and we were after our dream home, we felt it would never happen, but after all was said and done Berna got us in the mid 600's and put us in our dream home with a interest rate of 4.25%!!!!!! She will truly work day and night for you, she is an honest wonderful person and really fights for you and cares. Our family will be forever grateful for her making our dream come true. I know sometime when you read these recommendations you ask yourself "are these real posts" yes trust me I am a real client and will forever use the Berna Able team!"

  -The Gwinner's, Client

"Many believe that because they have suffered credit problems in the past that buying a home is impossible or the type of home they could by or interest rate is less than what they want...  Not so! After months of construction - another client has gotten the keys to their BRAND NEW $498,000 HOME and are smiling big after moving in over the weekend.  Past foreclosures do not need to prevent you from owning a home again.  With our lenders - there is hope for everyone!  If you are a veteran, it may be possible to buy a home with less than perfect credit with little or no money out of pocket.  Buying a home is made simple and possible despite past foreclosures, judgements, tax liens, open collections, repossessions, and other very difficult credit situations...  You can also get interest rates very similar to those with the best credit....give the Petry Team a call..."

  -Berna Petry, Other

"I was a first time home owner and was a bit intimidated by the entire process. Bill and Berna quickly made me feel at ease and were so detailed with each step. They were extremely professional and such an ease to work with. I was surprised how quickly things moved along and the experience was so enjoyable. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any and everyone I know who is looking for a home or rental. I trust them 100%. Thank you both so very much for making my first time home owner experience so gratifying! "

  -Bernadette B., Other

"Two years ago, My Husband and I were browsing the internet to look for a second chance buying program, We luckily had happened to stumble upon Bill and Berna Petry at Sampson Properties. Bill and Berna Petry were offering home buying programs for people to attend, we were only able to attend one of them in February of this year but thinking back, that was one of the best decisions that we had agreed upon. Back in 2009 my husband had unfortunately lost his job, since my husband lost his job, we lost our home. After both of these events we thought we might never buy a house again. After attending the second chance home buying program we were surprised to learn we were pre approved instantly. Throughout the process Bill and Berna have been right beside us, guiding us with getting in touch with the lenders and also taking us out to view homes. We decided on a new home still being built and we should be closing any week now. Thanks to Bill and Berna Petry I would recommend them to anyone."

  -Lisa and Charles Irving, Client

Samson Properties
1440 Central Park Blvd, Suite 210
Fredericksburg, VA