Bill and Berna Petry

The Petry Team

Bill and Berna Petry
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Bill and Berna Petry

The Petry Team
Phone: M: (540) 809-7548 (540) 809-7548 mobile
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Office: Samson Properties
1440 Central Park Blvd, Suite 210
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

 ***Nothing says more about a team than the recommendations of those clients that they have helped in the past...  Scroll toward the bottom of this page to read what our clients think of us.........***


  Affected by Foreclosure? Short Sale? Tax liens? Judgements? Bankruptcy? Collection Accounts?  Less Than Perfect Credit?  


Our Programs are designed for those with less than perfect credit.  For more than 15 years we have been assisting those with less than perfect credit to find housing.  We have three preferred lenders in the local area who assist our clients in realigning their credit to meet the mortgage industry requirements.  How?  By evaluating each individual and circumstance and creating a plan to get you from where you are now – to home ownership.  The average time to realign the credit and qualify is 0-6 months. 

To talk to one of our team members ASAP - please call or text one of the following numbers:  (540) 809-7548 or (703) 772-7630 or to get a package and more information - answer the following questions in an email and one of our team members will respond ASAP: 

1. What is your name?

2. What is your phone number?

3. What is the best way to reach you? Best time to reach you?

4. Where do you want to live?

5. Do you want to rent, rent-to-own or buy? What is your goal?

6. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?

7. What price range are you looking in? Monthly rent amount? Monthly mortgage amount?

8. What is your total household income prior to taxes?
9. Are you currently renting? If so, How long?  How much is the rent? 
10. Are you eligible for a VA loan? 
11. Do you have monies set aside for deposits and such? 
12. Do you have any pets?  If so, how many and what kind?
13. What is your target date for moving? 
14. How would you describe your credit score?   Do you know what the score is? 
15. Have you filed for bankruptcy within the past three years?   If so, when was it discharged? 
16. Have you experienced a foreclosure within the past three years?  When was it foreclosed?   What is the property address?  
17. Do you have good rental history for the past twelve months? 
18. Are you currently being evicted? 
19. Have you been evicted or had an unlawful detainer filed against you in the last three years? 
20. What other information do you consider important when considering your information?

Need to move now – but cannot qualify to buy?  We have several homes available that may offer the rent-to-own option.  To view a list of these homes in Fairfax County, Prince William County, Stafford County and Spotsylvania County, please email and request a current list.   

 Bill and Berna Petry

"The Petry Team"

Samson Properties
1440 Central Park Blvd, #210
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
(540) 809-7548 (Cell) or (703) 772-7630 (Email)

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"I don't know what words can express my gratitude towards Berna and Bill. They were absolutely amazing with my situation I was dealing since 2016. I had a mortgage issues that trickled out of the whole 2008 crisis. To make a long story short, I fought the bank and I decided that the time and energy doing so was not as important as the time spent with my family. In the end, I foreclosed on the home. This is where Berna and Bill came to the rescue. I had 30 days to find a home. They were able to find me a rental, given my current credit issues, in a matter of days. This alone was a weight of my shoulders. Berna and Bill didn't stop there. After we moved and the past was behind me, they helped me rebuild my credit so I could purchase a house again after the 3 year penalty. There process worked, 2019 I was able to purchase a home again! Thank you Berna and Bill for being amazing people, and helping me during dark times! I highly recommend them, hire them you won't regret it!"

  -Jorge V, Client

"Two years ago, My Husband and I were browsing the internet to look for a second chance buying program, We luckily had happened to stumble upon Bill and Berna Petry at Sampson Properties. Bill and Berna Petry were offering home buying programs for people to attend, we were only able to attend one of them in February of this year but thinking back, that was one of the best decisions that we had agreed upon. Back in 2009 my husband had unfortunately lost his job, since my husband lost his job, we lost our home. After both of these events we thought we might never buy a house again. After attending the second chance home buying program we were surprised to learn we were pre approved instantly. Throughout the process Bill and Berna have been right beside us, guiding us with getting in touch with the lenders and also taking us out to view homes. We decided on a new home still being built and we should be closing any week now. Thanks to Bill and Berna Petry I would recommend them to anyone."

  -Lisa and Charles Irving, Client

" Bill and Berna Petry are truly a "DREAM TEAM"!! The did the unexpected and got us our home that we never thought we would own. They were truly heaven sent and made some miracles happen. It started out rough and we were very frustrated and almost gave up and in fact was filing bankruptcy but God said different. They are very determined to help someone get into a home and they know their stuff all the way to closing. I definitely recommend them both to help anyone into a home. "

  -Chambers Family, Client

"Though our home search. Both Bill and Berna were right there not matter what the question or concern was. They helped us through the entire process of buying our home. Coming from bankruptcy and low credit scores they worked with us to insure we found a great home to blend out families. Thank you for all your help. "

  -Angelina and William, Client

"Bill and Berna Petry are an excellent team. They know the process hands down and will always steer you in the right direction. They were always honest with me and answered all my questions. Sometimes I felt like I was driving Bill crazy but he is very patient and accommodating. Bill and Berna really take a vested interest in helping you get the home that you really deserve. I had some crying spells, frustration and a few disappointments but in the long run I found that home I want and I am so delighted. If you are looking for a team who has your best interest at heart. Use Bill and Berna. I love you guys!!!!"

  -Leslie Brown, Client

"Bill and Berna can work magic, even with the most difficult of clients!! They keep a happy face and the customer happy no matter how hard it gets. Then never give up, until they find the perfect house for your family. By the way Bill and Berna, M was the first in the pool with the day after we moved in!! Great Job and you have my phone number you may share for a recommendation from me anytime. Respectfully, James Roach Former United States Marine!!"

  -James Roach, Client

"Initially, I was skeptical thinking their program was similar to a get rich quick scheme. However, it didn't take me long to know that this team is the real deal. They both work extremely hard for you in finding you a home, even with bad/poor credit. There is nothing that stops them from moving forward on your needs and providing you with the service that they guarantee will assist in you meeting your goals. They have made me and my family very happy with the home we are in, thanks to their diligent and never ending achievements. In the future, I look forward to working with them again."

  -William kent, Client

""It was great pleasure working with Bill and Berna recently on one of our rental property. I could not believe my self that they found a renter in less than 2 weeks and got us little more than listed price.(They both are the best) I had worked with both of them multiple occasions on my investment properties. they are not just a realtor who helps you market your property, they give you professional advice, pros and cons and try to help the clients in the best possible way. I will never hesitate to call them when I need some help and advice. I recommend both of them for any real estate related transaction ""

  -Prakash Banavar, Client

"Bill and Berna Petry are professional, friendly and subject matter experts. They are compassion to your needs and wants as a client. They are amazing communicators and willing at all times to explain in great detail anything their clients need clarification on. Through working with Bill and Berna we were able to buy two homes and manage a rental. Absolutely wonderful and will recommend them to anyone in the market for any housing needs at all."

  -Bobbie Tucker, Client

"I thought I already knew what the answer would be. I expected the usual, sorry, but your credit is just too bad for me to help. I expected Berna to give me the same answer I had heard from several other real estate professionals. However, I was surprised as she stepped through the details and outlined a path to home ownership. I wasn't sure it was possible, but Berna and Bill made it work."

  -Perry Pederson, Client

"We, my husband and I never thought we would be able to afford or qualify for a house, let alone our dream home. Bill and Berna is the dream team. I couldn't have done this with anyone else. Despite all the issues with our less than perfect credit, lack of credit, and other issues they were able to work with us to qualify. I worked closely with Berna to get my credit where it needed to be and then with Bill to find the perfect home. I would highly recommend Bill and Berna, they are able to work miracles. As long as you are serious and ready to keep working toward the goal of home ownership they will work just as hard or harder to make that a reality!"

  -Cindy Powell, Client

"I have recommended Bill and Berna Petry to everyone that is thinking of purchasing a home. From day one when my son recommended them to me, they treated me like family. They were with us through out the entire process of buying our home. They made the experience of buying a home very easy and pain free. All questions were answered and explained in full details. They guided us through this process from the loan application until the day we moved into our new home. They were right by our side, teaching and encouraging us. They made it such a wonderful experience and my wife and I can't Thank them enough for such caring and professional service. I would proudly recommend them to anyone who wants great friendly service, from two people that really know the housing business."

  -Donald Cowles, Client

"Berna is fabulous. She sold me my first home. She is with you during the whole process. I have enjoyed Berna and have referred her services to family friends. I highly recommend Samson Properties to anyone. "

  -Nicole , Client

"I have recommended they to anyone I know. They are extremely supportive and patient, very professional. They take the time to explain things and make sure you understand it before moving on. If I had to do it again I'd definitely go with them. Thank You two so much when things were crazy Berna can sooth the anxiety. I am extremely blessed to have haf them in my corner during my purchase!! Thank you both! Stay Blessed!"

  -Karen Spurill, Client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Berna Petry since October 2017. I have talked and met with several realtors in the area and I was always given the answer get your scores up or we will get in touch with you. But when I called Ms. Berna she set up a time for me to come in meet and talk with her. Ms. Berna didn't tell me no you cannot purchase a home, she told me what I had do to get a home. Since I have been working with Ms. Berna my score has gone up and I just put a contract on a home. My dream of homeownership has come true. Ms. Berna has such a sweet spirit and strong faith. There were times when I got a discourage and she would tell me I am going to pray. When you have a realtor that is not afraid to pray for you and give you hope, that is such a Blessing . Ms. Berna never let me down and she works so hard for her clients. I recommend anyone looking for a home and think they cannot purchase call Ms. Berna, she will make it happen. What a Blessing Ms. Berna she is."

  -Bonnie, Client

"Bill and Berna Petry were the best. While transitioning from Florida to Virginia, Bill and Berna Petry made the process of buying a house extremely easy and efficient. This was my 3rd time purchasing a house and the experience they have as a team was fundamental to an easy process and final completion of my house purchase. I can unreserved;y and wholeheartedly recommend Bill and Berna Petry to you."

  -Joseph Heffern, Client

"First I would like to start by saying thank you so much to the Petry Team for all there hard work. From start to finish this team worked none stop to provide superb support, guidance and tones of knowledge. If you need a home and regardless if you "think" it can not be done. Please consult with Bill and Berna Petry first. Very professional, honest, helpful and hardworking people. Dedicated to there clients needs."

  -Tony Davis, Client

"Bill and Berna has been extremely helpful to me and my family throughout the entire buying process. I highly recommend their services, especially if you're a first time home buyer like myself. Not only did i receive great service but I've learned a lot in the process. "

  -Bromekas Gibson, Client

"My husband and I have had the pleasure of working with Berna for a few weeks now and she has lifted our spirits in regards to owning a home. She continues to amaze me with the knowledge, advice, guidance and drive she has to help us attain the dream home we have been imagining. after raising our credit scores from low 500s to 600s in less than 2 weeks has my confidence at 100% in her abilities and hope to be in our new home in no time. I would recommend this team to anyone with doubts in regards to home ownership due to credit obstacles. Berna can make it happen! ??"

  -Ashley S., Client

"Bill and Berna are an awesome team. I have been working on getting my credit together and when I finally got it to where it is supposed to be, I was out looking at houses that weekend. I am still looking and Bill has been so patient. Thank you so much Bill and Berna for everything."

  -Renita, Client

"They are kind, patient and very professional, they not only help you find the home of your dreams! but they share knowledge with you of how to build your credit, so that without a doubt you will qualify to purchase the home of your dreams, they are loyal to you until the key to your home is placed into your hands, they do a job well done! We have worked with them in the past with great success and look forward to purchasing a new home in the near future with them as well, why settle for less, when you can have the best!"

  -Donna Haitston , Client

"The Petty Team is wonderful, from the start they put me at ease. I had talked to other realtors concerning my bankruptcy and it seemed like I had to jump through hoops to buy a home. The Petry Team gave me hope from they beginning. The explained the whole process to me and the necessary steps that I had to take. Once I did those things the process went fast. I will be closing on my home soon. I am one happy lady ??? "

  -Lisa Washington , Client

"Berna has been amazing from the start she really worked with me and explained anything and everything and was by my side every step of the way even when I decided to build my home she helped me all the way through and worked hard to make sure I closed on my home !! "

  -Myranda Rollins, Client

" There’s not enough words I could say to express how grateful and I am to have found such professionalism. Berna is exceptional at what she does, from working with your credit right through approval’s. I don’t think so anyone else in could’ve gotten me the type of house that she did. The other half of the great team is Bill, he is extremely knowledgeable in his area and and could find you the perfect house and just by asking you a few simple questions. I Truly believe no one is going to treat you better and or find you a better home than they will!"

  - Vincent CHow gratefulTruly believe no one is goin, Client

""Started with a simple phone call in which I asked could we possibly purchase instead of renting, ANSWER WAS YES! Even though we were in a Chapter 13 BK, after I answered some prelim questions, the answer was YES! I always thought it could be a chance, but David and Berna always said YES! Berna has had an enormous amount of experience with BK's etc, and she never doubted once if I could be approved. This being my first time going through the home buying experience, I did do my homework to try and know as much as possible. But David answered and thoroughly explained every uncertainty I had. I know I'll be using their services in the near future. I truly must say it was a pleasure to have use Samson my first time purchasing!""

  -Terrence, Client

"Bill and Berna made our dream of home ownership come true! They worked hard to find us a lender, and they worked hard to make things move forward for us. We are thankful to have our first home and were very happy with their services."

  -Mr. & Mrs. Perch, Client

"Working with Bill and Berna Petry was a pleasure. When I first contacted the Petry Team I wasn't sure whether or not my credit scores were good enough to purchase a home right away so I was inquiring about their other programs that they offer but, once Berna and I spoke, she gathered my information, talked it over with her loan officer and find out that I could buy a home now. The following weekend I met with Bill to look at a couple of properties and found the home I liked. We put the offer on the home and within 45 days I was moving into my new home. I would recommend this Team to anyone who is looking to purchase a home and need assistance from people that are very trustworthy and efficient. They are with you every step of the way and will assist with the loan process as if it were them that are purchasing the home. When my children are ready to purchase their first homes I will be sure to call The Petry Team! S.Grigsby"

  -S. Grigsby, Client

"Bill and Berna are amazingly wonderful friends who works well together. They provide excellent customer service and put their clients needs first. Being a first time home buyer was eventful. Berna and Bill were right their with me through this whole process: answering questions, showing me homes, checking and encouraging me. Thank you for finding a lending that gave me a great interest rate and mortgage payment. Lender that will patiently address your questions and concerns. Most importantly thank you Bill and Berna for showing me a Beautiful Tricord home that I purchased. I want to personally say thank you and God Bless you for all your hard work, dedication and strength. Thank you for not giving up on me. I really appreciate you both. I highly recommend Bill and Berna. "

  -Nicole Daniels, Friend

"If you are seeking hardworking and competent realtors to buy, sell or rent a home - look no further! I have been a real estate investor for 7 years and Bill and Berna (The Petry Team) have been my only realtors the entire time. I have worked with other realtors but none of them come remotely close to the amount of knowledge, professionalism and competency displayed by the Petry Team. Collectively, they are a winning team that will find you what you want regardless of the demands. Over the past 7 years, I have successfully bought and rented many homes with their assistance and they have never disappointed. They are meticulous, hardworking and extremely responsive to your individual needs and always willing to go the extra mile. Without a doubt, if you have a real estate need the Petry Team comes highly recommend - they will not disappoint!"

  -Bobby Naraine, Client

"I had the pleasure of working with Bill and Berna on multiple occasions on my investment properties, they are not just a realtor who helps you market your property, they give you professional advice, pros and cons and try to help the clients in the best possible way. I will never hesitate to call them when I need some help and advice. I recommend both of them for any real estate related transaction "

  -Prakash Banavar, Client

"It was a pleasure to deal with Berna and Bill not just professionally but personally as well. They were available any time even when matters arose not strictly connected to their job. It was a great team. Thanks to both of you"

  -Salvina, Client

"Berna and Bill are very knowledgeable and most professional. They help my wife and I prepare to purchase a home by helping us repair our credit. Everything they suggested improved our credit every month, they helped us set realistic goals and were right on target with out time expectancy to purchase a home. They gave us a goal of a year to purchase from the time we first met with them, and we were at closing in 9 months. Berna and Bill were very understanding and never pushy, they always were respectful of our time and money. I can't say enough about the service my wife and I received, they provide the customer service a person dreams to have when purchasing anything. I would recommend and have recommended their service to any and everyone I know. I was able to meet Berna and Bill through one of their clients who recommended me to them due to their positive experience. "

  -Rashawn Cowles, Client

"I was a first time home owner and was a bit intimidated by the entire process. Bill and Berna quickly made me feel at ease and were so detailed with each step. They were extremely professional and such an ease to work with. I was surprised how quickly things moved along and the experience was so enjoyable. I would HIGHLY recommend them to any and everyone I know who is looking for a home or rental. I trust them 100%. Thank you both so very much for making my first time home owner experience so gratifying! "

  -Bernadette B., Other

"I had the pleasure of working with Bill and Berna for many months while shopping for a new home for my daughter and I. They were very patient, courteous, and kind through the entire home-buying process. They showed me the best homes for my budget and lifestyle. They did an outstanding job negotiating with the seller’s agent and stayed dedicated to getting me the best offer. They were always very obliging and available to answer any questions I had when searching for a new home and especially during lending process which can be very stressful and burdensome. I would definitely recommend The Petry Team for anyone searching for a dedicated and honest realty service!!!"

  -Francine B., Client

"A few years ago I was faced with having to find a new tenant and restore my property, which had almost been destroyed. A friend of mine referred me to the Petrys, and I cannot say enough about their professionalism, kindness, and courteous service. Not only have they helped me find good tenants, they have also helped me find skilled, licensed, and dependable contractors. To this day, I still thank my friend for the referral because the Petry's knowledge of the business, rapid response time, and wealth of information that they have generously shared with me has been invaluable! If you want a hard working team that you can count on, I highly recommend the Petrys!"

  -Doreatha M., Client

"Berna and Bill were very patient and professinal throughout the entire home buying process. My husband and I started out looking to just rent a house but with the assistance of Berna and Bill were able to buy our dream house for cheaper than renting a house. Thanks guys!"

  -Tasha Blount, Client

"I had an opportunity to work with Berna and Bill recently on one my rental transaction in Stafford VA, They both are very professional, friendly in handling clients needs. They found me a tenant is less than 2 weeks and they took care of the transaction in the best possible way. If any one needs the best BERNA and BILL or the BEST Prakash Banavar"

  -Prakash Banavar, Client

"Bill and Berna were the most professional team i have ever had the pleasure ofworking with. They were with me through evey step of the home buying process and was always available for a phone call or text. It seemed at times that I was there only client, as they were so quick to respond. If you are looking to buy and are unsure if you are able to do so. I would not hesitate to call and work with them. As a matter of fact, if ever i decide to move or buy another house, they WILL be my fist call. Thanks for a great Experience! "

  -J. Thomas, Client

"I would highly recommend Bill & Berna. My husband and I were looking to buy our first home within a few months since we were expecting our first child. We were worried we wouldn't be accepted for anything since we didn't have the greatest credit. We were wrong! With Bill & Berna's help, we were able to make an offer on the house we wanted and got accepted! We were so happy! Not only did they help us get into a house quickly before our baby came, they also guided us and helped us with our credit scores. We couldn't be happier with their help - they are friendly, down to earth and professional to work with. They also were always on top of getting in touch and reaching back out to us! "

  -Amy Bell, Client

"Many believe that because they have suffered credit problems in the past that buying a home is impossible or the type of home they could by or interest rate is less than what they want...  Not so! After months of construction - another client has gotten the keys to their BRAND NEW $498,000 HOME and are smiling big after moving in over the weekend.  Past foreclosures do not need to prevent you from owning a home again.  With our lenders - there is hope for everyone!  If you are a veteran, it may be possible to buy a home with less than perfect credit with little or no money out of pocket.  Buying a home is made simple and possible despite past foreclosures, judgements, tax liens, open collections, repossessions, and other very difficult credit situations...  You can also get interest rates very similar to those with the best credit....give the Petry Team a call..."

  -Berna Petry, Other

"Another client moved into their brand new home for $205,000 today.  Less than perfect credit, but a willingness to work and realign their credit to meet the mortgage industry requirements  in a matter of months. equals new keys to a brand new (never lived in) home....   "

  -Berna Petry, Other

"Halleluiah, I’m a homeowner once again! I give honor to God and I thank Him for allowing my path to cross Bill and Berna Petry. They are genuinely wonderful people!! I am the client mentioned by Berna that filed bankruptcy 2 years and 1 day before closing on my home on September 25th. I am still amazed of the dynamic support I received from the Petry Team. They are both amazing people and very supportive! I always knew I would become a homeowner again, but I didn’t think the process of homeownership after bankruptcy would be easy, but it was very easy!! Berna guided me through the process of increasing my credit score and Bill showed me wonderful homes. I will definitely support their team by recommending others to utilize the skillset this team has acquired over the years to help people who has challenges with credit history. Way to go Team!!! "

  -Y.Myers, Client

"I would highly Recommend Berna and Bill Petry.  Berna has given such excellent and beneficial advise to me regarding getting our credit back on track.  Thanks to her experience and expertise in the way she helped us my credit score has improved tremendously and we are now able and qualified to by a new home. She has patience and a very kind spirit anyone would benefit a lot by working with Berna or Bill!! She's the best and I don't think we would be where we are now without her assistance."

  -Sharon C, Client

"Another client gets the keys to their home today.  Owning a home after bankruptcy is possible even if your score isn't perfect....  2 years and one day after bankruptcy - owning a home made possible."

  -Berna Petry, Other

"I have been working with Bill and Berna for my first home buying experience and they have been fantastic! They have been very caring from the start; I immediately felt comfortable with them and I knew I found the right team to help me. Berna looked at my situation from top to bottom and said “You can do this!” She advised me on what to do to strengthen my credit scores and has guided me every step of the way. Even when I became discouraged during the process she would genuinely encourage me. She stayed in constant contact with me and ensured I was always in the know. As we viewed homes Bill’s knowledge was superb; he’s always able to spot things that the consumer wouldn’t notice and provide excellent advice based on my needs versus wants. With his help I found the PERFECT home that meets all my wants and needs at an awesome price! When you get excited about buying a home, they get excited about it, too! They treat the experience as if it is their own; they are truly in it with"

  -Linda Williams-Jasper, Client

"It's my pleasure to recommend Berna and Bill as "first responders" to persons who are new to purchasing a home or who desire to rebuild their credit. They are knowledgable, compassionate and provide real time solutions to your questions and concerns. What impresses me the most is that they are willing to go the extra mile for their clients.  Call them first! You will not be disappointed.  Best wishes for their continued success. "

  -Fred S., Client

"Bill and Berna was great! They helped us get out of mortgagethru the short sell process. The process was very fast and they also helped us to find another place to dwell. I really look forward to working with them again in the near future. I would recommend them to anyone whom needs a home or trying to sell a home. They know exactly what they are doing! Thanks again, Bill and Berna Petry."

  - Bradford, Client

"Great Team!"

  -ZZ, Client

"(Part 1) I would highly recommend Berna Able to anyone looking to repair credits or purchase a home. My journey started back in June 2012 when my credit score was not perfect and I have used several credit repair agencies that promise to help but instead, scammed me for the money. My sister-in-law, who has used Berna as an agent and credit repairs, referred me. I started the process during 2012. She worked very hard and encouraging me throughout the process by telling me the steps I needed to take in order to become homeowners. During this process, Berna stand by me and guided me on what and how to increase my credit scores and paying off all my old debts. Berna is very intelligence and knowledgeable with putting you with the right lenders and explaining processes and documentations that will follow. After two long years, in the last week of June 2014, I was able to settle and moved in my dream home!!! Now, I consider Berna as my friend and I will surely use her again for "

  -Tony and Ann, Client

"*Continued (part 2) refinance or if I do decide to sell my home or buy a new one!!! Again, I would strongly recommend Berna because she will work with you from beginning to an end; she will stand by you to give you support!!! "

  -Tony and Ann, Client

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